About Us

Welcome to Hidey Boo

We started Hidey Boo in April 2017 selling in the UK and have a distributor in the US, providing beautiful products for personalisation. Whether you embroider or print, our teddies are a great product to have for your customers.

At Hidey Boo we are passionate about excellent customer service and look forward to supporting every single one of our customers. We love to hear your feedback and thoughts on future products and especially seeing all your wonderful designs on our Facebook page.

You may have a High Street Store, Website, Social Media sales platform, enjoy doing Craft Fairs, we can accommodate your requirements. We have a range of business opportunities to suit your needs and look forward to hearing from you.

Having lots of ideas, we plan to increase our range and we will keep you updated every step of the way.

Thank you for your interest in Hidey Boo and let’s do something amazing together!